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Monday 11 – Wednesday 13th November, 2019

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The Project Finance 2019 Overview

Project Finance Conference and Exhibition is an annual event initiated by the Trustwork Oakbuild International Limited (TWOBIL) designed specifically to promote and facilitate international trade between Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East, Australia, with Ghana and Africa; promote and facilitate Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) into Ghana and Africa as a whole, and to provide a platform for African businesses to grow and access international markets, and for international companies to explore opportunities and boost investments in Africa to help transform African economies, improve Africa competitiveness in international trade and to be able to gain from the rapidly changing technologies and associated investment regimes for the benefit of the people of Africa. This year Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition is a partnership between Trustwork Oakbuild International Limited (TWOBIL) and Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL). Project Finance 2019 is three (3) days International Conference and exhibition on Project Financing, Trade and Investments for the Governments, Public and Private Sector Organizations, Companies and Industries in Ghana, Africa and the International Business and Investment Community to share best practices, expertise, technological innovations, source business deals and provide a perfect opportunity to showcase business innovations and achievements, highlight financing, trade and investments opportunities, business to business (B2B) networking, build partnerships, joint ventures and dialogue on the key issues.


The Project Finance 2019 Objectives

The objective of the Project Finance 2019 is to enhance the capacity of Ghanaian and African institutions both in the public and private sectors strategically to access international investment funds for economically viable projects in Ghana and Africa, and trade for sustainable development. The Initiative is to support the Governments of Ghana and Africa Policies/Programmes through international financing, trade and investments. This will help in strengthening the public and private sector institutions in Africa to use trade, investments, finance and technology as vehicle for inclusive and sustainable development. Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition goals are aligned with the three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 8, 9 and 17), working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for all.
The Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition, which is the second edition will focus on the real opportunities that are emerging for Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) across the sectors of the economies such as manufacturing, electricity and utilities, telecommunications, IT and Fintech, oil and gas, healthcare, agriculture, education, housing and construction, transportation, tourism, retail and entertainment, and the larger natural resources sectors. The purpose is to contribute to Africa’s effort towards achieving resilient growth and sustainable development for the benefit of national economies and the people of the continent.

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The Schedule of the Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition

The Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition is scheduled to take place in Accra, Ghana as follows:


Monday 11 – Wednesday 13th November, 2019


8:00am – 5:00pm Each Day


Accra city Hotel

Top Level Government Officials

Industry and Business Leaders

Global Investors/Financiers/Lenders

Corporate CEOs

International Companies

Banks and other Financial Houses

International Experts and Advisers

Entrepreneurs and the Business Community

As part of the benefits for attending the Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition, participants will gain knowledge and understanding on project packaging, innovative financing solutions, and project models and investments options. The event offers unprecedented exhibition, business deals, sourcing, partnerships, networking and investments opportunities, as well as high-level speakers and content.

Leading Conferences that Build Capacity and Trigger Growth

This is a step-ahead International Conference and Exhibition for Leaders, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Developers in Africa who want to transform their institutions and industries with financially viable projects that create prosperity, generate sustainable income, create businesses and jobs, and bring greater returns for the benefit of the people of Africa.

We look forward to respectfully welcoming you and your team to the Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition.


The Project Finance 2019 Main Theme

The Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition is on the main theme:

Event Name: International Conference and Exhibition on Project Financing, Trade and Investments 2019 dubbed: PROJECT FINANCE 2019.
In addition, Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition will address the challenges facing access to international markets, and explore successful approaches for mitigating the risks and unlocking the huge potential of project financing and access to global investments.

The Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition Approach
Through a combination of expert, industry and corporate keynote addresses, master class sessions, lively presentations, plenary and panel discussions and in-depth case studies, governments keynote addresses and interactive roundtables, The Project Finance 2019 agenda gives you a unique opportunity to learn, network and hear about the opportunities for investments in Ghana and Africa and the latest projects on the continent, helping you to better focus your business strategy for the short, medium and long-term.
Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition will be one of the leading gatherings of the Private Sector CEOs, high-level Governments’ Officials and Public Sector CEOs, Industry Leaders, Off Takers, Developers, Financiers/Lenders, Bankers, Investors and Export Finance Advisers across the Globe under one roof.
Project Finance 2019 is the event to connect Industry Leaders, Corporate CEOs, Project Promoters and Developers with International Investors, Bankers, Lenders, Project Financiers and Advisers. The conference and exhibition will bring these key entities together to discuss accessing financing options amid current and forecast market climates.

Project Finance 2019 Conference Key Issues Outline

1. Finance and Economy
  • Strategies for Enhancing Contributions of Project Financing, Trade and Investments to the Growth of African Economies.
  • Financing SMEs: How can we boost Investments for the Start-Ups?
  • Opportunities for Investments in Ghana and Africa.
2. The Land Administration Framework and Investments Attraction
  • Acquiring Land for Projects: The Overview, Processes and Solutions.
  • Modeling Land as an Investible Asset for Project Financing.
3. Investments for Sustainable Agricultural Development and       Industrialization
  • Financing Agriculture: Energy, Machinery and Technology for Sustainable Development.
  • Expanding the Opportunities in Agriculture with Digital Innovations.
  • Financing Women-Led Agribusinesses in Africa: What Best Strategies Forward?
4. Partnerships
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): Partnering the Private Sector for Improved Delivery of Public Infrastructure and Services.
  • PPPs: Why must Development Matter to Businesses?
  • Partnering to Finance Sustainable Development.
5. Infrastructure Project Financing

(This Session will provide a Platform to Help Governments Identify and Respond to Infrastructure Financing Needs, and Enhance Opportunities for Foreign Investors.)

  • Opportunities in Infrastructure Financing and the Role of Foreign Investors.
  • Innovative Strategies for Financing Affordable Housing.
  • Addressing and Tackling Delays and Cost Overruns in Infrastructure Projects.
  • Effective Risk Allocation between Private and Public – The Way Forward.
6. Investments for the Natural Resources Sector
  • Investment and Growth in the Oil and Gas Sector.
  • Expansion in the Energy and Power Development Sectors.
  • The Impact of New Technologies on Petroleum and Power Industries.
  • Opportunities for Investments in Mining and Mineral Sector.
  • Financing Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development: What Models Work Best for Financing Long-Term Renewable Projects?
  • Renewable Energy around the World: What can Ghana and Africa Learn from Developments in Europe, Asia and the US?
7. Developing an Effective and Transparent Banking
     and Financial System
  • How can Foreign Banks Contribute to the Stability of Ghana and Africa Financial Sector?
  • Building an Effective and Reliable Financial System: Challenges and Solutions.
  • Achieving Long-Term Growth and Returns on Investment for Foreign Financiers.
  • Banking and Financial Sector - Present and Future Requirements.
8. Investors/Financiers Security and Protection.
  • Protection for Foreign Investors: How Does the State Institutions assure Investors Protection?
9. Trade and Access to International Markets
  • Accelerating Intra-African Trade: The Continental Free Trade Area Agenda
  • Optimizing Trade Finance Efficiency and Performance: The Challenges and Solutions.
10. Telecommunication and Sustainable Development.
  • Investments for Telecom Infrastructure Development.
  • Digital Systems and Mobile Payments

Project Finance 2019 Exhibition will provide access to Ghanaian and African markets as one-stop shop, and connect global Investors to Ghana and Africa markets. Participants will experience a comprehensive display of companies around the world; networking and making business deals with high-level Government Officials, Business Leaders, Global Investors, and Trade and Investment Agencies from various nations under one roof. It is a highly focused gathering of Ghana, Africa and Global business activities.

1. Countries’ Presentations and Exhibitions
2. Corporate Presentations and Exhibitions
3. Master Class Session (Seminar)
  • Topic: Project Financing and Access to Global Investments: The Know-How
4. One-on-One Meetings
  • The event One-on-One Meeting service provides you the opportunity to have an exclusive specially arranged meetings between you and the top Government Officials, Off Takers, Developers, Financiers and Investors to transact business at the conference and exhibition venue. This is the only event of the year where all these global market players come together in one place under one roof.
5. B2B Meetings and Networking Cocktails
6. Bankable Project Showcase
7. Project Insight
8. Spotlight
9. Group Activity
10. Interactive Business Team Activities
Master Class Approach:
  • Adult based learning through practical mix of participants-centered discussions, frontal presentations, case studies, audio-visuals and international best practices.

Significant effort is being made in information and communication technologies in the banking and finance sector in Africa to facilitate the integration of the African and the global banking systems, adopting industry best practice and technological standards. The opportunities for growth for the leading international technology service experts and vendors are immense, as Africa builds the foundation of a modern banking industry that is equal to the best in the world. Project Finance 2019 is a platform to source future projects/business contracts on the continent by accessing the latest information on available opportunities directly from the decision-makers in both the public and private sectors at the conference and exhibition venue.

As the first edition in 2018 was hugely successful, Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition will continue to provide a unique platform for dialogue and partnerships between the African institutions and the international business and investments community. Project Finance 2019 will highlight the opportunities available to foreign investors and lenders in the development of infrastructure in Africa including all the sectors by creating a platform for all stakeholders to network with key decision-makers in both the public and private sectors to share best practices and expertise, and source business deals.

The 2018 edition of the International Conference and Exhibition on Project Financing and Access to Global Trade and Investments led to the establishment of Project Financing Technical Advisory Services’ Center for Africa in Ghana with its office located at Third Floor, Social Security House near GOIL Head Office, Adabraka -Accra.

The Center is an integral part of the partnership, which is under the management of Trustwork Oakbuild International Limited. The Center is technically assisted by the partners worldwide to certify quality of work and ensure the highest professional standards. The Project Financing Technical Advisory Services’ Center provides technical assistance to the participated Public and Private Sector Organizations, Companies and Industries in the areas of project identification, project feasibility studies, project proposal/business plan development, project/business modelling and documents packaging, investment appraisal, funds matching and financing access, structured finance advisory and development advisory services. The center works to provide technical support for the benefit of the first International conference participants.

The Trustwork Oakbuild International Limited is organizing the Project Finance 2019 Conference and Exhibition together with Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) as partners.

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